Tuesdays on the Run

Bustin’ a Move

This Tuesday, I’m joining Patty, Erika and Marcia for the Tuesdays on the Run linkup to talk about Oldies but Goodies.

When I decided to be more consistent with my 40-plus running and first joined a running club, I didn’t own a watch. Every.single.person had a watch beeping and flashing during that first run. A rep from TomTom came to our local running store before one of our weekly runs, and let us try any watch model on our run. I loved it! It was easy to use and pretty intuitive, the display was huge, and gave me accurate data on all my runs. My previous experience with running data on my iPhone’s Nike app during training for my first half was not good. After several runs, I realized that the Nike GPS signal was woefully weak resulting in inaccurate mileage and pace. I went into my race thinking I was far better trained than I really was, so I wanted something more robust.

After reading several online reviews, including a very helpful and thorough review by DC Rainmaker, I bought the TomTom GPS Runner Watch, even though most of my runner friends have a Garmin. TomTom syncs with my smartphone via Bluetooth effortlessly, and I can view my data through the TomTom My Sports website. And, now I can’t live without my watch (or the data).

TomTom Runner Watch

I used to run with music all the time and think: people actually run without music?!?!? Haha! I’ve gotten used to running without music, but I still enjoy running to tunes on some days, especially when I’m going to be running the same loops around the neighborhood. I love running to rap and hip hop.

Some of my oldies but goodies:

  • Missy Elliot: Get Ur Freak On
  • Heavy D & The Boyz: Now That We Found Love
  • Young MC: Bust a Move
  • LL Cool J: Mama Said Knock You Out
  • Tone Loc: Wild Thing
  • Naughty by Nature: Hip Hop Hooray

But I change up the rotation when I’ve overplayed a playlist (which happens…a lot).

What are some of your favorite tunes?



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