Post-Marathon Recovery

Post-Marathon Recovery

Last week, I logged a whopping 11 easy miles.

My recovery strategy after this marathon has been a lot different, and I’m enjoying it.

After the BCS marathon, there wasn’t much time for recovery because I had to prepare for Houston. I got back to running on the Thursday after the marathon and jumped back in to speed work right away.

This time, I did some yoga and light stretching during the week, and by Friday I was ready for my first short easy run. I’m relishing the slow increase in miles, and I’m not going to go any speed work for another week.

My recovery strategy has been:

  • Eat nutritiously
  • Yoga and stretching
  • Epsom salt baths
  • Massage after a few days
  • Easy runs for 30 minutes
  • Wearing a lot of compression 🙂

My favorite compression socks are 2xu and CEP and compression leggings are 2xu and CW-X. They just feel amazing on my legs.

2xu Compression Socks CEP Progressive+ Compression Run Socks CW-X Pro Tights 2xu Compression Tights

My legs are starting to feel like they’re mine again! 🙂

And with the post-marathon, I’ve enjoyed life slowing down a little so I can enjoy the kids more. These three are my biggest cheerleaders and keep me on my toes.



They’ve been so encouraging throughout this training season. My oldest son gave me this card as a little pep talk before the BCS marathon.

Have any marathon recovery strategies that work for you?


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