Wednesday Word


Wednesday’s Word: Quality


  1. A peculiar and essential character (nature)
  2. And inherent feature (property)

When I first thought about the word quality, I thought of the characteristics that I admire and value in other people.

Sense of humor

Whether it’s laughing about our ninja outfits in the cold, buckets of sweat, the constantly changing weather, blisters and lack of toenails, a sidewalk face plant, our families, or whatever, laughter and gentle ribbing has made the miles much more fun. I’ve laughed so hard sometimes that it was hard to run in a straight line.


Me clowning around after racing the Diva Half

Honesty and vulnerability

There’s something about running on a familiar path at dark o’thirty (or anytime of day) that seems to bring out the ability to share fears, thoughts, concerns, as well as accomplishments and joys. Something’s bothering us, and we can share what’s really going on, without trying to gloss over stuff.


There have been many times when friends have pushed aside their need for speed to run with me, particularly during my first marathon. My friend, who’s much, much faster than me, decided to run with me for the entire race. I enjoyed having someone to talk to while my hands went numb from the cold rain pelting us, and he didn’t mind slowing down to my pace for the whole 26.2. Another friend, who’s also faster than me, shared a few of those miles when there was zero crowd support for about a five mile stretch in the last miles of the race. Both of those guys could have easily left me in the dust, but instead, out of their generosity, they stayed with me. I’ve done the same to run with people I don’t otherwise get to run with and it’s made the journey much more enjoyable when I’ve shared miles with a friend, old or new.


What qualities do you value in other runners?

Deb Runs

3 thoughts on “Quality”

  1. I love your list of good qualities in runners. I’ve always said you’ll learn more about a runner on a twenty mile training run than you’d learn about a friend over the course of a year. Running is the perfect place to share!

    Thanks for linking up!


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