Wednesday Word

Wednesday Word: Accountable

Today’s post is brought to you by Deb at Deb hosts a linkup called Wednesday Word in which she provides a writing prompt. Today’s word: accountable.


Deb Runs
Accountability has been so important in my fitness and health. In running, I’ve found the best way to hold myself accountable is to:
  • Set (realistic) goals.
  • Tell someone (or several people) about those goals.
  • Set smaller goals to help reach a bigger one.
  • Constantly check in with the progress and adjust as necessary.
More importantly, it helps to have a running partner or group to run with regularly. I ran by myself at dark o’thirty a LOT, and it’s so much more fun and enjoyable running with people. Plus, if I was tired, sick, cranky, (fill in the blank), I wouldn’t go. Or if it was too cold, too hot, too windy, raining, snowing, or if the stars weren’t aligned correctly (fill in the blank), it was easy to talk myself out of a run. Now that I know people will be there to meet me, I go. No excuses.
As I mentioned in a previous post, I ran 2,015 miles last year. That was an enormous goal for me, having never run more than 600 miles in a single year. It helped having a few friends also doing the same mileage challenge. We all checked in and posted our progress along the way. It helped posting my progress regularly on FB. Around the time a mileage stone would be approaching, I had friends asking, “When are you going to get X miles?” I would check in on my progress and set a smaller goal to hit it by a certain date.
IMG_1537  IMG_2101IMG_0066
And then, I did it!
Hope that you are not only setting some new goals for 2016 and but staying accountable to ensure that you reach them!
How do you hold yourself accountable?

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Word: Accountable”

  1. I can’t even imagine 2015 miles all by my lonesome. I get injured too easily! But I am part of the challenge as part of a team, and last year was the first year that I seriously kept track of mileage (although I did miss a bit here and there).

    So this year I hope to keep better track and improve on last year’s total — if my body says it’s ok.


  2. Most important in your post were two things: set waypoint goals along the way to bigger goals, and ADJUST IF NEEDED! Too many people don’t really know how to set goals, but it’s so hard to be accountable to something vague that you don’t fully think through, and even harder when you realize you might not make that goal but DON’T realize you can adjust it! Thanks for sharing!


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