Dancing in the Rain


Another day. Another saying. Yes, this is a decorative plate. I should explain that I don’t go prowling furniture and decor stores for inspirational sayings. But, I did just happen on this little gem. And I love it!

The other night, we had a very loud storm blow through town. Rain was pelting the windows sideways. The wind was howling. The thunder was shaking the house after the lightning lit up the sky like the Fourth of July.

Storms in life come too. Sometimes more storms come, and then, when more storms come, you’re thinking, “Come on! Can’t I get a break?” And sometimes all I can think is, if there wasn’t this storm, or if I can just get past this as quickly as possible…

When storm after storm came at one point in my life, it was tough. They weren’t pleasant, but when I turned my focus to God instead of the storm, I learned to appreciate them. I was able to find happiness despite them: dancing in the rain.

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.” James 1: 2-3

Six days before the 2016 Chevron Houston Marathon. I felt woefully under-prepared last week for the race compared to how I felt before the BCS Marathon. My long runs have been very slow and very long. The speed workouts have been anything but speedy. The easy runs have felt hard. I wasn’t where I wanted to be mentally either. And then, after a series of bad workouts, it was hard not to get bogged down with a bad run, a bad day, a bad ache.

It was a tiny storm, but it was a storm. But, during the past week, I’ve made more efforts to focus on the Lord and think positively every time something negative pops in my head. I’m choosing to dance in the rain.

And then, we sang “Cornerstone” by Hillsong in church yesterday:

Christ alone; cornerstone
Weak made strong; in the Saviour’s love
Through the storm, He is Lord
Lord of all

Yes! There’s a lot to look forward to for this race. My first race in Houston. A great group of friends from my running club running the race. Some good weather!



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