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Mind Over (BIG and small) Matters

"Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't." --Rikki Rogers Last week, I ran the California International Marathon, my 5th marathon in 2 years and 2nd one this year. After a disappointing Chicago Marathon finish in October by failing at getting a BQ (sub-3:55), a PR,… Continue reading Mind Over (BIG and small) Matters

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What the Fake?

Y'all...I've been reading a little on the web about fakestagramming...who knew there was a word? I knew what it was right away. In the world of social media, I think we're all keenly aware that some people want to portray themselves a certain way. No filter is actually a lot of smoke and mirrors. The… Continue reading What the Fake?

Weekly Wrap-up

This Boot Was Made for Walkin’

A lot of fun things happened this week in the Weekly Wrap...but sadly not much running... Why? Remember that on and off nagging foot pain I'd been writing about. Well, let me clarify, I've had PF in my left foot that had been flaring with my increasing Houston marathon training mileage and really didn't get a… Continue reading This Boot Was Made for Walkin’

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Runderful: Houston Marathon Training Wk 3

Believe it or not, we had a chilly week here in TX as much of the rest of the country. The "deep freeze" as they called it in the local paper was one day of temps in the 30s overnight. Brrrr. Yes, I am officially a cold wimp. Hard to believe that after 40+ years… Continue reading Runderful: Houston Marathon Training Wk 3